Blessed Matrona of Moscow

English Language Study for Russian Orthodox Learners

Blessed Matrona of Moscow
(April 19/May 2)

Blessed Matrona of MoscowGod is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Psalms 45:1

God in His infinite mercy sends His saints to the world to pour out His blessings.  Thus He sent His servant, Blessed Matrona of Moscow, to help the weak and sick in times of great spiritual darkness.

Blessed Matrona was born in 1885 to a poor peasant family in the village of Sebino in the Tula Region.  At a young age, God gave her spiritual vision and the gift of healing.  Without education and blind from birth, everything was revealed to Matrona.  She foretold the great suffering that lie ahead for Russia.  She saw into each person’s heart and inner most thoughts in order to help them.  Her prayers healed many people with physical and spiritual afflictions.

Matrona lost the use of her legs at age 17.  Accepting it as God’s will, she never complained of her condition but considered herself the happiest person.  A constant stream of visitors from near and far found their way to Matrona’s house in the village.  Her wise guidance put many on the path of righteousness.  

In 1925 Matrona settled in Moscow where she lived for the rest of her life.  Eating very little, she spent her nights in prayer and her days attending to the sick and troubled.  As many as forty people a day came to her for help.

Matrona had to move constantly from one apartment to another to avoid arrest.  She always knew in advance when the police would come.  The Soviet authorities were powerless against a blind, disabled woman supported by the power and grace of God.

During World War II, Matrona told of the fate of relatives on the Front.  Some people were reassured that their loved ones were alive; others were comforted and advised to prepare for funeral services.  All were instructed to follow the teachings in the Scriptures, marry in the Church, and take Confession and Communion.  

People from all walks of life came to Matrona:  common people, peasants, intelligentsia and military.  Matrona never took credit for the healing or help that others received.  She always claimed that God was working through her.

Having foretold the day of her death, Blessed Matrona of Moscow reposed on May 2, 1952.  The Orthodox Church remembers her on this day (new calendar).