Father John Saves His Disciple

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Holy Father John had a disciple whose name was Moses.  Once, the saint gave Moses some garden work to do.  The disciple finished his obedience and lay down to rest a little.  It was a hot summer day.  Moses chose a place under a large rock which gave him shade.  Father John was far away in his cell (келья) in a light sleep.  Suddenly, an angel appeared to him and said, “John, why are you asleep when your disciple is in great danger?”

Father John immediately (немедленно) woke up and started praying for Moses.  

When Moses came back to his teacher, he told him, “I fell asleep in the shade of a large rock.  Then I heard you calling my name.  As soon as I got up and left the place, the rock fell to the ground.”

Saint John did not say anything to his disciple, but gave thanks to the Lord.

Ekaterina Monastary

Монастырь св. Екатерины на горе Синай,
один из старейших действующих монастырей.
Построен в первой половине шестого века.
Содержит огромную коллекцию духовной
литературы на греческом, арабском,
армянском и сирийском языках, а также
иконы пятого-шестого веков.