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The Resurrection of LazarusLazarus Saturday comes the day before Palm Sunday.  On this day we remember how our Lord raised His friend Lazarus from the dead.

Lazarus lived near Jerusalem, in the village of Bethany, together with his sisters Martha and Mary.  They all were devoted friends of Jesus.  When Lazarus became very ill, his sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, he whom You love is ill.”  On hearing this, He said, “This illness is not unto death; it is for the glory of God.”  He stayed with His disciples for two more days at the place where they were, and only then went to Bethany, knowing that Lazarus was already dead.

When Jesus came, Lazarus had been in a tomb for four days.  With Martha and Mary there were many people who mourned his death.  In the presence of a crowd of mourners, Jesus asked that the stone covering the tomb be taken away.  Then, in a loud voice, He commanded Lazarus to come out.  Lazarus, wrapped in his white burial shroud, walked out of the tomb.  Many people who saw this miracle, believed in Jesus.  The chief priests and Pharisees took council how to put Him to death.  The Lord knew that His earthly life was soon coming to an end and terrible suffering lay ahead.

Lazarus’ life was in danger, and he had to leave Judea.  After his resurrection, Lazarus lived for thirty years on the island of Crete until his death.

The resurrection of Lazarus precedes the Resurrection of Christ and assures us of the coming General Resurrection.  The Liturgy on Lazarus Saturday glorifies our Lord as the Resurrection and the Life.

Bethany [′be θǝ nɪ]
Crete [krɪːt]

Словарь к тексту

Palm Sunday [paːm] Вербное Воскресенье (от palm – пальма)
mourner, n. [ˈmɔːnəʳ] присутствующий на похоронах, плакальщик
burial, n. [ˈberɪəl] погребение;  adj.  погребaльный
shroud, n. [ʃraud] саван
take council [ˈkaunsl] совещаться
lie ahead (lie-lay-laɪn) [laɪ] быть впереди, предназначаться
precede, v. [prɪˈsɪːd] предшествовать
assure, v. [əˈʃuə] подтверждать, убеждать
resurrection, n. [ˌrezəˈrek ʃən] воскрешение из мёртвых
General Resurrection ­[ˈdʒe nə rəl  ˌrezəˈrek ʃən] Всеобщее Воскресение