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(October 18/31)

Saint LukeSaint Luke wrote in the Third Gospel about the coming of Christ and His teachings.  He is also the author of the Book of Acts.  The Gospel written by Luke tells the story of the earthly life of Jesus.  The Book of Acts covers (охватывает) the missionary work of the holy apostles and the first thirty two years of the life of the Church.

Saint Luke was one the most educated and talented men of his time. He spoke many languages, and was a brilliant doctor, good orator and gifted artist.* Church historians tell us that Saint Luke was born in Syria and educated in Athens and Alexandria.  When Luke learned about Jesus he went to Palestine to hear Him.  Luke accepted the teachings of Jesus with all his heart and became one of the seventy disciples.

Evangelist Luke was a close friend of Saint Apostle Paul.  Together they traveled to Greece and Rome.  Luke’s Gospel was written in Rome in 62-63 A.D.  After Paul’s death, Luke left Italy and traveled to Egypt where he continued to preach about Christ.

We know that Saint Luke made the first icon of the Holy Theotokos and Infant Jesus.  When the Virgin Mary saw the icon, She said, “May (да будет) My grace and that of Him Who was born of Me be with this icon.”  According to holy tradition, Luke painted** three icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  One of them is now kept in Constantinople.  Saint Luke also painted images of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

The earthly life of this devout disciple came to an end in the city of Thebes.  Saint Luke died when he was over eighty years old.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the Evangelists. “Evangelist” is a word of Greek origin that means “one who proclaims the Good News.”

Saint Luke (ancient Siberian icon)

Старинная сербская икона


*  artist – художник
** В данном случае переводите paint как «написать».  Английский глагол write в значении «написать икону» употребить нельзя.

Словарь к тексту

Gospel     [ˈgɔspl]  Евангелие
The Acts – Деяния Апостолов
gifted, adj. [ˈgɪftəd] одарённый, талантливый
preach, v.  [prɪːtʃ]  проповедовать
image, n.  [ˈɪmɪdʒ]  образ
origin, n . [ˈɒrɪdʒɪn]  происхождение
proclaim, v.  [prəˈkleɪm]  провозглашать