Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker

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(December 6/19)

Saint Nicholas, the WonderworkerSaint Nicholas was born in the second half of the third century to a devout Christian couple in the city of Patara, Asia Minor.  His parents were noble, well-to-do people who liked to help the poor.  Childless for a long time, they prayed to the Lord to give them a son or daughter.  Their prayers were answered when Nicholas was born.

Young Nicholas showed great talent for learning and spent most of his time reading the Holy Scriptures.  His uncle, a bishop of Patara, saw how pious Nicholas was.  He asked Nicholas’ parents to bless their son for a life of service to God.  Soon Nicholas became a priest.  His parents died, and the money they left him, Nicholas gave to the needy.

God gave Nicholas the gift of working wonders.  Once, when he was on a ship on the way to Palestine, a terrible storm arose (поднялся).  Everyone was in danger.  Saint Nicholas started praying to the Lord, and the storm quieted down.  He also brought back to life a sailor who fell from the mast (мачта) and died.

Saint Nicholas wanted to live a quiet life as a monk in the Holy Land near Jerusalem.  But the Lord had different plans for him.  Nicholas returned to Asia Minor and settled near the city of Myra.  The Archbishop of Myra died, and the clergy did not know whom to elect in his place.  God came in a vision to one of the old bishops and told him that the first man entering the church the next morning would become the new archbishop.  That man was Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Saint Nicholas lived at a difficult time.  During the rule of Emperor Diocletian, many churches were destroyed and holy books burned.  The Church suffered from heresy.  Saint Nicolas always bravely defended the true teachings of Jesus.

The Holy Archbishop of Myra, Nicholas the Wonderworker, was greatly loved by people.  Everyone, not only Christians, came to him for help.  Saint Nicholas lived a long life.  He reposed in the Lord in 342 A.D. and was buried in the church of Myra.

Nicholas  [′nɪ: kǝ lǝs]
Asia Minor  [ˈeɪʒə ˈmaɪnə]  Малая Азия
Myra  [′maɪ rǝ]  г. Мира
Diocletian  [ˎdaɪǝ ′ klɪ:ʃn]

Словарь к тексту

well-to-do, adj.  богатый, зажиточный
pious, adj. [ˈpaɪəs]  набожный, благочестивый
priest, n.  [prɪːst]  священник
the needy, n.  бедные, нуждающиеся
quiet down, v.  [ˈkwaɪət ˈdaun]  успокоиться
clergy, n.  [ˈkləːdʒɪ]  духовенство, священство
heresy, n.  [ˈherəsɪ]  ересь
repose, v.  [rɪˈpəuz]  преставиться,  почить
repose in the Lord  отойти ко Господу