Saint Victory-Bearer and Wonderworker George

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(April 23/May 6, November 3/16, November 10/23, November 26/December 9)

Saint Victory-Bearer and Wonderworker GeorgeSaint Great-Martyr George was born between 275 and 285 to a noble family in Cappadocia.  His devout parents raised him with strong Christian beliefs.  George’s father was a well-respected army officer.  He died as a martyr for his faith when George was 14 years of age.  A few years later, George’s mother, Policronia, died too.

When George grew up, he went to the imperial Roman city of Nicomedia and joined the military.  George became one of the finest soldiers in the service of Emperor Diocletian, and soon he was promoted to the rank of Tribune.

In 302 Diocletian began persecuting Christians.  He ordered the arrest of every Christian in his army.  Saint George bravely came before the ruler and confessed that he was a Christian.  Diocletian did not want to lose his best Tribune.  The Emperor first offered him money, land and slaves.  Then he tried to force (заставить) George to bring sacrifices to the pagan gods.  George declared that he would worship only Jesus Christ.  When Diocletian saw George’s determination, he sent him to prison.

Saint George gave all his possessions to the poor and prepared to die for Christ.

He was mercilessly subjected to the most horrible tortures.  George’s entire body became a bloody wound.   During all his sufferings, the saint martyr continued to pray to God, and the Lord healed him every night.  In the year 303, Saint George was beheaded before Nicomedia’s city wall.

Witnessing George’s great suffering, Empress Alexandra and Athanasius, a votary (жрец) of the court, decided to become Christians.  They also died as martyrs.

God rewarded George for his faith and devotion by giving him eternal glory in heaven.   Saint Victory-Bearer George helps all who suffer.  In difficult times, Orthodox believers call upon his holy name and receive his support.

Nicomedia [ˎnɪ kǝ ′mɪ: dɪǝ]
Diocletian [ˎdaɪǝ ′klɪ:ʃn]
Tribune [ˈtrɪbjuːn]

Словарь к тексту

Victory-Bearer Победоносец
promote, v. [prəˈməut] повысить в ранге, поощрить
declare, v. [dɪˈkleəʳ] провозгласить, объявить
determination, n. [dɪˈtəːmɪˈneɪʃən] решимость
subject, v. [səbˈdʒekt] подвергнуть
torture, n. [ˈtͻːtʃə] мучение, пытка
wound, n. [wuːnd] рана
reward, v. [rɪˈwɔːd] наградить
eternal, adj. [ɪˈtəːnl] вечный