The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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(December 25/ January 7)

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus ChristAt the time our Saviour was born, Israel and Judea were a part of the vast Roman Empire.  The Roman emperors made the laws, taxed the people and chose who would rule over them.

When Herod was king of Judea, a decree came from Caesar Augustus that the entire world should be enrolled.  Each person was ordered to return to his city of birth.  Righteous Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, a town of David, because they both were from the house and lineage (из дома и рода) of King David.

Joseph and Mary started the long journey from Nazareth, a town in northern Israel, to Bethlehem, which is in the south of Judea.  Their path took them through the mountains.  The journey was very difficult for Mary because she was with Child.

After several days, they arrived in Bethlehem and discovered there was no place for them to stay.  Many people had come for the enrollment, and all the rooms in the inn were taken.  Mary and Joseph found a place in a cave that was used by shepherds for keeping sheep.* It was time for Mary to give birth.  She wrapped Her Baby and put Him in a manger.  Thus, the prophecies about the birth of our Saviour came true.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, entered the world as a man and revealed Himself to mankind.

The Nativity of our Lord is one of the greatest and most joyful feasts of the Orthodox Church.  “Christ is born, glorify Him!”

* Слово sheep имеет одну и ту же форму в единственном и множественном числе.

Israel  [ˈɪzreɪl]
Judea  [dʒu: ′dɪǝ]
Herod  [′he rǝd]
Caesar Augustus  [ˈsɪ:zǝ  ǝ′gʌ stǝs]
Nazareth  [ˈnæ zə rɪθ]
Bethlehem  [ˈbeθ lɪ hem]

Словарь к тексту

vast, adj.  [vɑːst]  обширный, огромный
tax, v.  [tæks]  облагать налогом
enroll, v.  [ɪnˈrəul]  делать перепись населения, вносить в список   
lineage, n.  [′lɪ nɪ ǝdʒ]  родственная линия
be with child   ожидать ребёнка
enrollment, n.  [ɪnˈrəul mənt]  перепись населения
wrap, v.  [ræp]  запеленать, завернуть
manger, n.  [ˈmeɪndʒə]  ясли, кормушка для скота
thus, adv.  [ðʌs]  так, таким образом
prophecy, n.  [ˈprɔfǝsɪ]  пророчество
reveal, v.  [rəˈvɪːl]  проявлять, показывать, открывать