The Protection of the Theotokos

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(October 1/14)

The Protection of the TheotokosIt happened in the year 910 A.D. in Constantinople.  The city was surrounded by a large hostile army, and the inhabitants were in grave danger.  Many people gathered in the Church of the Most-Holy Virgin and prayed to Her for protection.  They prayed for a very long time.

It was already late at night when two men – Saint Andrew, Fool-for-Christ, and his disciple, Saint Epiphanius – witnessed a miracle.  In the darkness of the night there suddenly shone a brilliant light.  The Most-Pure Mother of our Lord appeared in the sky.  She heard the prayers of the devout Christians and came for their protection.  The Theotokos was seen together with the Apostle John, John the Baptist and many other saints.  The Heavens came down to earth.  The saints, dressed in white, praised the Lord and sang to Him.

The Theotokos prayed to Her Son and asked Him to help the city.  Then She lifted up the cover from Her head (omophorion in Greek) and spread it over the people, as if protecting them from danger.  After that, She became invisible.  The city was saved; the enemy retreated.

The celebration of this feast in Russia was established in the 12th century by Prince of Vladimir, Andrei Bogolubsky.

Many years passed after the miracle in Constantinople, but Orthodox people still remember it.  The Protection of the Theotokos is one of our beloved church feasts.  We know that in times of trouble the Mother of God will help and comfort us.  Her holy protection and endless love remain with us always.

Pokrovsky Cathedral Покровский собор в Москве
на Красной Площади     

Christ  [kraɪst]

Словарь к тексту

protection, n.  [prəˈtekʃən]  защита, покров
hostile, adj.  [ˈhɒstaɪl]   враждебный
inhabitant, n.  [ɪnˈhæbɪtənt]  житель
grave, adj.  [greɪv]  очень серьёзный, опасный
fool–for-Christ   юродивый ради Христа
disciple, n.  [dɪˈsaɪpl]  ученик (в религиозном значении)
witness, v.  [ˈwɪtnəs]  видеть, свидетельствовать
shine (shone-shone), v.  [ʃaɪn]  сиять
the Most-Pure  [pjuəʳ] Mother of our Lord   Пречистая Матерь Господа нашего
John the Baptist  [ˈbæptɪst]  Иоанн Креститель
lift up, v.  подниматься
spread, v. [spred]  покрывать
as if  как будто, словно
retreat, v.  [rɪˈtrɪːt]  отступать