The Tradition of Colouring Easter Eggs

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The Tradition of Colouring Eggsaudio button

Mary MagdaleneThere is a story about how the tradition of colouring eggs started.

After Jesus’ Resurrection, Mary Magdalene went to Rome.  There she met the ruler of the Roman Empire, Tiberius.  Mary Magdalene greeted the Emperor with the words, “Christ is Risen!”  As she spoke, she held a plain white egg.  Tiberius did not believe her.  “It is as impossible for a dead man to come back to life as for this egg to turn red.”  As soon as he had said that, the egg in Mary’s hand turned red.  Tiberius exclaimed (воскликнул) in amazement, “Truly He is Risen!”

Christians all over the world dye eggs in bright colours for Easter celebrations.  Red is traditionally the favourite colour.