British Saints

English Language Study for Russian Orthodox Learners

Saints of England and Ireland:
"Living Stones" of the Ancient Church

Marina Panina

... like living stones be yourselves built
into a spiritual house, to be a holy
priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices,
acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
- I Peter 2:5

Celtic Cross

Preface (in Russian)

The Coming of Christianity to Britain; St. Alban, British Protomartyr

Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain; The Heptarchy; Conversion of the British Isles

St. Patrick, the Enlightener of Ireland

St. Brigit, Abbess

St. Finnian, Abbot, Ascetic, Teacher of the Irish Saints

Life and Study at St. Finnian’s Monastic School

St. Ita, Nun, Wonderworker and Foster-Mother of the Irish Saints

St. Constantine, King of Cornwall, Monk and Protomartyr of Scotland

St. Brendan the Navigator

The Holy Island and the Lindisfarne Gospels

St. Oswald, King of Northumbria and Martyr

St. Aidan, The First Bishop of Lindisfarne, Ascetic and Missionary

St. Cedd, Missionary and Bishop of East Saxons

St. Hilda of Whitby, Abbess

St. Venerable Bede, Monk and Scholar, “The Father of English History”

The Ire of the Danes

St. Edmund, King and Martyr

St. Edward, King of the West Saxons and Martyr

St. Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury

St. Alphege of Canterbury, Archbishop and Martyr

King Harold Godwinson, The Last Anglo-Saxon King of England; The Battle of Hastings and Norman Conquest

Map of Cities and Locations in Medieval England and Ireland

Map of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy



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